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Learn to teach yoga with Andrea

So You Want to be a Yoga Teacher?

That’s great! Whether you are excited to share the yoga journey with others or desire to expand your knowledge of yoga, you’ve come to the right place. The yoga instructor training is an in-depth study of yoga. During this 6-month course, students will learn anatomy, the importance of body alignment, Sanskrit, building/writing classes, modifications to all things yoga, and more. Student-teachers will learn how to instruct great classes, implement what they have learned by instructing one class, and assist with two classes.  

A student studying

The only prerequisite to taking the instructor training class is the desire to deepen your knowledge of yoga! 

The price is $1,500 (subject to change without notice). This includes all materials and unlimited access to all classes during the 6-month training. We encourage student-teachers to take advantage of the unlimited classes. We believe to get a deeper understanding of yoga we practice yoga as much as we are able.

At Yoga on the River, we begin a new instructor training every six months! That is every February and August, usually on or around the 15th. Students wishing to join the program must sign up two weeks prior to the course’s start day.

Liz - yoga instructor

“Yoga saved my soul! This training has deepened my knowledge and love of yoga. I am proud every day that I get to share it with my classes.”

Liz, Yoga Instructor